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New Year, New Goals


With the new year year brings new resolutions. What will it be for us this year? How long will we keep with it? It’s hard not to ask these questions because like so many others in the past we have made these resolutions only to break them weeks later. Doesn’t really matter what the resolution is. We get busy, forget or something else gets in the way and we just stop doing them all together. This never being our intentions, but things happen.

Oh do they happen!

So what’s new this year. Will we succeed in out endeavours to make a change? To make this year different than the last? I guess that is just something that you will have to follow along to find out. So here are these resolutions, changes and goals that we have given ourselves this year and why.

1. Living a more spiritual lifestyle: I’ll admit that in the past we haven’t been serving God the way He deserves to be served. Been just going through the motions ans doing just enough to get by. It’s time we changed all that. My family and I have resolved to give all glory to God,through good and bad. To pray continually and to read and meditate in his word.

2. Living a healthier lifestyle: I wouldn’t say that my family is unhealthy, but we are not healthy either. We’re kind of right in the middle. Don’t mind a salad, but enjoy a bag of chips too. We have started treating this lifestyle as we do our faith. We can either be HOT or COLD, but we can not be lukewarm. My wife and I have two young boys that we want to watch grow up and have kids of their own. So we both agree that we have to start eating healthier and exercising. Whether we like it or not sometimes.

3. Living a homesteader lifestyle: This lifestyle has been a dream of ours for some time and the topic of many discussions in our home. It is one of the reason I started this website, but in the past we have neglected this lifestyle for a more convieant approach to life. It’s time to get back to our dream to live a simplier life. Where we grow or own food, raise a few animals, make things from scratch and reuse everything we can. Because of this convieant lifestyle I’ve also neglected this website.

In the coming year I’d like to put more effort and thought into the things we do in reguards to our lifestyle. I’d also like to share it with all of you. So what can you expect here:definately more God, clean and healthy eating, recipes and tips, and homesteading. What we are doing in and around our home. Starting, growing and harvesting veggies. Hopefully raising some chickens. Also some tips on making and building things. Fore Warning: this may not be the easiest way, or even the completely right way, but it’s the way we are going to do it. We are always open to comments and suggestions so feel free to do so. Thanks for following along with me and my family. I hope that you enjoy.

P.S. Just so everyone knows, the website is going to get a complete overhaul as well. I’m thinking something simple with more content. Guess you will have to wait and see.

God Bless,


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