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I’ve been in a Funk!

Why can’t I Blog:

                                No really, why can’t I? I start writing about stuff but I then feel like I don’t have good enough content or no one is going to want to read this. I’m forgetting the real reason I wanted to start doing this in the first place. I wanted to document my family’s journey into homesteading and self-reliance.   I’ve become more worried about what everyone else thinks, but to be honest it doesn’t matter. We may not always know what we are doing and we are definitely not doing everything we could be doing or want to be doing. But we are at least doing a little be of something. And that is all that matters to us. All I know is I’m going to get back to the reason I started this blog, I’m tired of worrying what may happen before it does.


            Tomato Cages:

                                So here is a story of procrastination if I’ve ever seen one. Grow little tomato plants, Grow! Oh, you’d like something to hold you up, oh well, I’m busy. Weeks had gone by and I still hadn’t built cages for the tomatoes. We only have 6 plants. For some reason, I just did not want to stake them. I finally did tonight with what I had laying around here.

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I think that they turned out okay and will get the job done. Not only does this get the job done but it also lets me see what works best for next year.

            What Else:

                                I’ll also add a few picture to show what else is going on around here and explain a little be about each one but not in too much detail.

So in this first picture we have the girls. Not producing eggs yet but we are hoping they will be soon. 

In the center photo, we have the salad raised bed. This is the start to our edible yard we hope to have. The bed is 60″x30″ and has two kinds of lettuce, spinach and a few marigolds.

The third photo, is of the compost pile. We finally got around to putting up the pallet walls and have a nice mix of chicken poo straw and grass clippings.


As you can see not a lot is going on just trying to enjoy as much of the summer as I can and I hope that I’ll be able to add some more stuff shortly.

-God Bless.


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