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I’ve been in a Funk!

Why can’t I Blog:                                 No really, why can’t I? I start writing about stuff but I then feel like I don’t have good enough content or no one is going to want to read this. I’m forgetting the real reason I wanted to start doing this in the first place. I wanted to document […]

Ep2: What’s the Plan for 2017

It’s still winter here so not too much is going on. I wish there was, but then again sometimes I don’t. This time of year really gives us the time to spend with each other and with our families. With that being said it also gives us a lot of time to think about what […]

Ep1: Where it all Began

I figured that in order for you to have a better understanding of where we are on our self sufficient/ homesteading journey, then it’s best to see where we’ve been. What was the starting point of our journey? How much we have grown? First Garden Almost six years ago, my wife and I had our […]

New Year, New Goals

  With the new year year brings new resolutions. What will it be for us this year? How long will we keep with it? It’s hard not to ask these questions because like so many others in the past we have made these resolutions only to break them weeks later. Doesn’t really matter what the […]

Getting into Backpacking

I am definitely new to the whole backpacking thing. There is no denying that. Maybe it’s the hundreds of websites I’ve visited recently looking for information that gave it away. Or the countless hours I’ve spent watching YouTube videos. I’m almost an expert without having done any backpacking. However, it is something that I’ve been […]

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