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About Us:

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So, first of all, I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to visit my page, I hope you enjoy it and are able to get something from it.

Our Story:

Our journey began about six years ago when I met my wife. Since then, the Lord has blessed us with two amazing boys (not all days are a ray of sunshine tho) and a passion for an outdoor lifestyle. In those six years we have both realized that we share a dream of one day having our own property and living completely off-grid. There are definitely other goals we hope to accomplish on this path to a more self sufficient life, which include, but not limited to: building our log cabin, installing solar panels and raising some chickens and goats (to name a few).

At this point, it sometimes feels as if our dreams are out of reach. Our journey hasn’t stopped and our path hasn’t swayed or altered any. But, the feeling is still there, maybe cause things havent happen exactly the way we haved hoped or as fast.

So for now, we are enjoying our little slice of paradise. A ¼ acre lot right on the river that we’ve been renting for the past 3 years. Its not much but we do what we can here.

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